Tap The Light Tap the light is a vs blocks game to test your eyesight and brain! Find the light block and tap it as quickly as you can. Features: - Easy to learn - Unlimited levels - Fascinating music - Save your high score automatically - Upload and share your high score - Exercise your eyesight and brain - It's a find difference game with unlimited levels Instructions: In this game, you are vs blocks, the blocks become harder and harder to find as levels increase. It tests and improves your eyesight, and also improves your skill of find difference games. It's good for players interested in eyes games. Words from players - Super fun and addictive! It's my go-to game on my phone. - It's easy and fun for all ages and it's a great time passer. - I achieved level 157, still playing hard. - Cool! A battle vs blocks! - A cool vs blocks game and find difference game!